Equine supreme….a powerful probiotic for addressing the effects of Equine stress 







Magnify Equine Supreme Anti-stress is a nutritional support for digestive health including coat / body condition / digestive & colon health / immunity and stress relief / appetites and joints / temperament & vitality / energy & well-being. Aids optimum digestion / happier & healthier animals / maximum performance. Ideal for both sports horses wanting added performance and for hacks.

                            Testimonial ...

“Provides the answer for probiotic use in horses.

Our practice is pleased with the product. Client and patient acceptance of the product has been excellent. My professional use of the product has been both for treatment and preventative reasons. Equine Supreme is almost a standard adjunct any time I place horses on antibiotics for long periods of time ... I have had good success with the product for 'picky eaters'. Some report better energy levels. A few racing stables have put their 'whole team' on the product after the success of the product on individual horses … most will comment about good hair coats, normal manure, and good appetites … I have had great success with the product in cases of diarrhoea regardless of the cause.

I recommend the product for all horses on heavy grain rations.”


 (Dr G Beeman, BSC, DVM, MVCVS, Equine Veterinarian)


Breed better Horses!


  • A sparkle in their eye
  • The shine on their coat
  • Muscle on their loin
  • A spring in their step


  • Peace of mind comes from having your horses prepped to maximise their future potential


  • Relief it’s so easy
  • Simply syringe into their mouths


  • Tempered pride is important for mental wellbeing
  • Magnificent horses, supported wellbeing

... and Champions

We could write pages about the benefits of a good probiotic for horses but our clients deserve the credit for championing ideas and achieving some impressive results. It’s all about stacking the good bacteria in your favour.

"We’re confident, and our clients have confirmed it, that Equine-supreme is the best probiotic supplement on the market for the most reasonable price ... so give it a go!"

 Dr Glenn Beeman, BSC, DVM, MVCVS Equine Veterinarian, Mountainview Equine




The Journey so far

"We have had this product out for many years and without promoting it we now have a number of very supportive equine Vet practices recommending this product for many horses. I think one summed it up "I wish I had been using this product for the last 2 years when you first spoke about it. It's quite brilliant." It has taken years for more people to realise the benefits of good probiotic/prebiotic substances. Equine Supreme is a really great product." 


(Scott Hobson, B.Ag.Sc., MagnifyNZ Ltd)  


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