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What & Why

A blend of enzymes and organic acids from soil microbes that promote plant growth and stronger regrowth. With consistent use of Magni-Grow, pastures regrow better and better to produce dense, sweet grass that stock find highly palatable.

Knock - on benefits

Nutrient release increases, soil temps increase, water retention in summer improves. Many factors contribute towards gains, which are over 20% in most cases, given a few seasons and repeat applications.


Future Proof Legacy

There's nine farms in this area that have been targeted by ECAN and have to be looking at 80 to 90% decrease in the leaching. Every farmer has the fear, reducing the nitrogen.

Most of the farm has had 190kg N, plus 4 applications of humates + fulvic acid. Magnify areas have had only 150kg N and there's 15 to 20% increase on those paddocks.

Grasses are thicker, more dense and sweeter.

Grow better feed.

  • Kickstart and enhance soil life
  • Grow better quality feed and more of it
  • Unlock nutrients already there
  • Reduce chemical use
  • Better moisture retention
  • Natural pest and disease resistance
  • High Nitrogen fixation

Client Stories

We improved grass growth enabling us to reduce supplements & improve profits significantly.

We've reduced our nitrogen from 290kg to 96kg N. Two applications of Magni-Grow has increased growth by over 3000kg. It grows much stronger in the colder months as well. Quite simply - it works!

- John and Jacky Tanner, Leeston


Magni-Grow with 6kg N added has increased grass yield by 22%.

If pasture yield was 12 ton then that's 2640kg extra. This is the 6th trial Stan has done with Magnify products and all have been very successful with gains of 1000-3200kg within 4 months (8-22% extra).

- Reported by Stan Winter, Southland
(Industrial Chemist, 50 yrs in fertiliser industry)

Soil for life

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