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A concentrated blend of microbes formulated to assist calf development, in particular, rumen and digestive tracts in the first 8 weeks.

Challengers ...

Twenty years ago a stressed, tired mother of 3 challenged us to make a product to save her time in the calf rearing shed. Magni-Calf was born and it saved her 1-2 hours per day and calves very rarely needed extra time or effort. Vanessa remained a champion, rearing great Holsteins for a further 17 years. Magni-Calf supported her well.

You give them the food and Magni-Calf helps them process it - growth and strength to better ward off the effects of merciless diseases. It is very much good guys vs bad guys and the strongest team wins. Magni-Calf’s concentrated ‘micro-warriors’ tip the fight in your favour.

Vanessa’s request was a bigger challenge than it may seem. All probiotics are not made equal. European studies confirmed very few probiotics were effective, due to manufacturing processes. We’re very proud that even 20 years ago we had the right processes to produce highly effective probiotics.

Magni-Calf contains many familiar microbes like Lactobacillus, Saccharomyces and less familiar microbes - Trichoderma and Aspergillis – all used to make products for the food and medical industries.

Rear better calves. Use better feed.


  • A sparkle in their eye
  • The shine on their coat
  • Muscle on their loin
  • A spring in their step


  • Peace of mind comes from having your calves prepped to maximise their future potential


  • Relief it’s so easy
  • Simply add to milk, feed or drench


  • Tempered pride is important for mental wellbeing
  • Magnificent calves support our wellbeing

... and Champions

We could write pages about the benefits of a good probiotic for calves but our clients deserve the credit for championing ideas and achieving some mindboggling results.

We’re confident, and our clients have confirmed it, that Magni-Calf is the best probiotic supplement on the market for the most reasonable price ... so give it a go!

Funniest story …

A Waikato dairy farmer on a small holding had been battling calves with significant troubles for a week. He was so desperate to solve the problem he tipped an entire 20L container into the milk as soon as he got it. It was about 200mls per calf. The next morning he was so relieved his problem was solved. He was happy as Larry.

It’s all about stacking the good bacteria in your favour.

Get Nature on
Your Side.

The Waikato

... Farmer whose calves reached 170kg to win the champion ribbons. He was the first to double the dose adding a crazy 40kg extra at weaning.

The Southland

... Mother who raised 250 calves on her own and pioneered using a drench pack to boost slow calves.

The Southland

... Man who got an $80 premium for his Magni-Calf stock ahead of his untreated stock.

The Coaster

... Whose comparison trial showed the Magni-Calf pen weaned 8 inches taller at the shoulder and 21 kg heavier.

Magnify weight gain.
Magnify stock health.

What to do ...

Start your calves with 40mls/day for the first week then cut them back to 10mls/day. Buy a small drench pack from your local farm supplies store and add some Magni-Calf. Keep it handy in the shed so you can immediately give 40mls to any calf that looks ‘off’ in the eye or has an ear drop. Feed your milk and meal as per normal practice. The calves will normally be able to eat more and will be able to get on to cheaper food sources like silage earlier (leave a bit available for them from 4 weeks of age). They’ll eat it when they can digest it, but it’s important to develop and grow the rumen at this early stage in their life.

Magni-Calf for cows … post calving

Some of our clients have found 100mls of Magni-Calf is a real pick-me-up for cows immediately after the stress of calving. They say they start milking at full volume much faster.

Stress upsets the digestive system. Magni-Calf speeds up the recovery time.

Katie's Journey

Katie was Carley’s neighbour with a young family requiring time and energy. She also had 400 calves to rear. In spite of having a little trouble with coccidiosis, which they later found was coming from a weaning paddock, her calves still reached a very admirable weaning weight of 115 kg and continued to be well ahead of 6 month growth targets. She also saved 50% on her calf rearing budget.

Carley’s journey ...

Carley was told this was the best probiotic to use by another female calf rearer at a party.

She was pregnant and nearly due. She and her husband hired inexperienced people to raise the 400 calves on the farm they were managing … using Magni-Calf ‘micro warriors’ was really easy for them. It kept every calf healthy.

Carley was honestly thrilled given her condition. The calves weaned at 115 kg and were 35 kg ahead of 6 month growth targets. Their overall rearing programme was 50% cheaper than they had been using.

They’ve just bought their first herd - - pedigree jerseys - - congratulations! In her words “I look forward to using this fantastic product again … and this time on our very own stock. How exciting!”
Soil for life

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