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Control how you farm with Magnify bio-stimulants.

Grow better feed

A fast-acting live product for immediate use to inoculate soil and stimulate growth. Magni-Life is the first step in creating soil that is high yielding, diseases suppressive, has strong roots, deep and warm, and has very high natural nitrogen fixation.

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A blend of enzymes and organic acids from soil microbes that promote plant growth and stronger regrowth. With consistent use of Magni-Grow, pastures regrow better and better to produce dense, sweet grass that stock find highly palatable.

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Grow better feed.

  • Kickstart and enhance soil life
  • Grow better quality feed and more of it
  • Unlock nutrients already there
  • Reduce chemical use
  • Better moisture retention
  • Natural pest and disease resistance
  • High Nitrogen fixation


Brilliant for increasing both weight gain and stock health, for both young and old. Rumen development and digestion is enhanced with life-long benefits. Really simple to use. Ideal for people who want the best from their stock without high cost.


A concentrated blend of microbes formulated to assist calf development, in particular, rumen and digestive tracts in the first 8 weeks.


Rear better stock.

  • Encourage good gut bacteria
  • Improve rumen
  • Lifelong better digestion
  • More efficient feeding
  • Less nitrate leaching
  • Better overall wellbeing and performance
Soil for life

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