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Interview with John Tanner

We were running 4.5 cows/ha and using 4kg supplement/day and growing around 17,000kg DM. The property was leaching 87kg and the initial ECAN targets were 65kg. A plan was formulated to reduce stock numbers a little and reduce supplementary inputs. The expanding use of Magni-Life and Magni-Grow is allowing for more and more supplement and fertiliser reductions. Net profit has skyrocketed by over $700/ha.

Interview with Hayden Ussher

The quality of the grass transformed - it was still green on the outside but different on the inside. Animal health expenses dropped to just $5-10/cow.

Interview with Dave Taylor

There's nine farms in this area that have been targeted by ECAN and have to be looking at 80 to 90% decrease in the leaching. Every farmer has the fear, reducing the nitrogen.

Most of the farm has had 190kg N, plus 4 applications of humates + fulvic acid. Magnify areas have had only 150kg N and there's 15 to 20% increase on those paddocks.

Grasses are thicker, more dense and sweeter.

Interview with John Field-Dodgson

Measuring is done weekly and showed Magni-Grow increasing growth rates by over 20kg DM/day in addition to what Magni-Life added.

Interview with Keith Shadbolt

.. our earliest 'mover and shaker' who was in the top 5%

Keith was running 210 Pedigree Holstein Fresians on a 65ha milking platform with 30ha run off.

Milk production was around 1700kg MS/ha which required a lot of supplementary feed, fertiliser inputs and labour to maintain.

In 2002, Magni-Grow was introduced to replace 50% of the 4 x 60kg of Urea plus all the solid fertiliser. Keith became aware that after 30 years of applying fertiliser he could access the extra nutrients he had paid for that had not been removed in production.

He had accumulated 60 years worth. Magni-Grow gave access to it.

Interview with Neil Wright

For the last 10 years, Magni-Grow has made up the base of Neil's pasture programme. Neil has chosen to add small volumes of other solid (alternative) fertiliser products.
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