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nitrification inhibitor alternative

MagnifyNZ has produced a natural alternative to the nitrification inhibitor - DCD - with stronger results : 91% nitrate reductions and over 20% pasture gains while applying 190 kgN/ha.

Many countries in the world have set Fresh Water Standards (FWS) below 2.4 mgN/L to address toxic algae growth which can cause deaths in animals and small children.  Irrigating with affected water is a problem. Drinking Water Standards (DWS) are currently 11.3 mgN/L at all times of the year.  Even the DWS is coming under pressure due to mounting evidence of increased colorectal cancer risk above 2-4 mgN/L.  The need to solve water quality is not only of local concern but may become part of trade agreements.  Recent research shows Magnify-treated pasture averaged 1.18 mgN/L compared to 15 mgN/L for untreated lysimeters (p<0.01) with 2.5 cows/ha.

Regionally, farms are already being told to plummet leaching.  In Oxford, North Canterbury a small number of dairy farms are required to reduce leaching by 90%.  Lysimeters were established to see how Magnify-treated paddocks were comparing.

Nitrate leaching from silt loam soils under grazed pastures in New Zealand, typically ranges from 25-118 kgN/ha for dairy (3 cows/ha) and cattle farms, with nitrogen inputs from 0-210 kg/ha (Cameron et al., 2013).  On free-draining stony soils, which typically have around 300 mm/yr drainage, this equates to 8.3-18.8 mgN/L.  (Note: it gets more concentrated as drainage reduces.)  Using Magnify, leaching dropped from 45 to 3 kgN/ha.

Magnify’s natural products showed similar patterns in pasture growth increases but  stronger reductions in leaching than the chemical nitrification inhibitor dicyandiamide  (DCD’s).  DCD’s were ‘the future’ before being banned by international markets.  DCD’s reduced leaching by approximately 60% and increased plant growth by 20-30%.  That sounds great but to achieve 2.4 mgN/L you typically need greater than 85% reductions in nitrate leaching.  With Magnify’s product (Magni-N-Enviro) we can achieve this and more.

On the Oxford farm, production increased over 50 kgMS/cow and empty rates halved due to improved grass quality and digestibility.  This is predictable - based off energy and pasture nitrogen levels.  Research in Holland suggests improving digestibility can reduce methane emissions by 20-30% while increasing production.

MagnifyNZ recently won the North Canterbury Business Awards’ Sustainability Section, and also gained support from key figures in ECAN.  There was stiff competition with some great business stories.  Judges comments were: “Magnify NZ's unwavering commitment to sustainability and innovation defines them.  Their standout factor is delivering farming solutions that not only meet, but exceed regulatory targets, curbing chemical use while enhancing soil, plant and animal vitality…”.

 Ultimately, farmers will determine their future by what they choose to support.

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